06 common mistakes about Vietnam visa

Many foreigners have confusing about the concept Vietnam visa on arrival and make mistakes when applying for a visa to Vietnam online, we have listed here 06 common mistakes about Vietnam visa that travelers may usually have, to help you avoid the same things which might happen to you.

Common mistakes about Vietnam visa

6 common mistakes about Vietnam visa which usually occur to foreigners.

And here are 06 common mistakes about Vietnam visa:

1 – Getting a Vietnam visa stamp right at arrival ports: many foreigners believe that they can get a visa directly at arrival Vietnam airport without preparing a visa in advance. That is NOT REALLY CORRECT unless you come from a country which can get visa exemption to Viet Nam. If not, you may end up your trip or wait at the airport until you find out a visa agency that can help you get the Emergency visa to Vietnam. The concept Vietnam visa on arrival airport is a solution which helps you to apply for a visa to Vietnam online and receive visa approval letter via email. You have to show this paper on arrival airport to get Vietnam visa sticker/stamp into your passport.
2  Visa on arrival at the borderlands: Vietnam visa on arrival not only work through aviation. Foreigners who live in Vietnam can choose to renew their visa at borderland but over there, officers require original of approval visa letter which issues from the Immigration department to stamp the visa for you.  So, if you do not enter Vietnam by air, just make sure you have a Vietnam visa sticker/stamp in advance, either at Vietnam embassy or contact with visa agencies to deliver the original approval visa letter to Borderlands for you.
3 – Make a mistake in Na1 form: Many foreigners fill in Vietnamese visa application form with wrong detail such as a full name on the passport, passport number, date of birth, place of issue. It is not really important but in some cases, it may take more time to solve its problem at the check-in point. So, make sure that you entered everything correctly and carefully. ( how to fill in Vietnamese visa application form?)
4 – Arrival date: The Vietnam visa validity commences from the date you come to Viet Nam, not the day that you apply for a visa. Your arrival time could be any days on the same day or later on but you will be refused to check-in if you come earlier.
5 – Vietnam Visa extension: many foreigners think that it is easy to extend a visa once they are in Vietnam. However, it costly and time-consuming process. The Vietnam visa extension fee depends on so many things such as last entry time and the name of check-in port, type of visa…sometime you cannot extend your visa. So it better to make a good plan and choose a longer term visa to avoid extending your visa later on.
6. Vietnam visa approval letter fees: depending on the Vietnamese Immigration regulation for each area, travelers have to pay with different prices to apply for a visa to Vietnam or visa extension.

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