Important things to get a visa to Vietnam by land

Vietnam is now becoming the attractive market for foreigners come to work and traveling as well. Most of them come on a tourist visa to Vietnam by land or air. Following reports from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, international visitors to Viet Nam have reached over 10 million in 2016 and have been growing up. Later, to do visa extension for this type of visa is quite expensive and the rule to do extension is unstable as well. So is there any way to renew Vietnam visa in an economical way?

There are many foreigners who have been living in Vietnam realized a better solution to renew their Vietnam visa, they run to the borderland between Vietnam – Cambodia, Vietnam – Laos, Vietnam – China with the visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department to get a new Vietnam visa stamp/sticker. On this page, we will instruct you how to  also known as the cheap way to renew Vietnam visa.

Not all the borderland have authority to stamp a new Vietnam visa, so you need to go to one of these: Cau Treo Landport; Huu Nghi Landport; Ha Tien Landport ; Lao Bao Landport ; Lao Cai Landport; Moc Bai Landport; Mong Cai Landport; Nam Can Landport; Song Tien Landport; Tinh Bien Landport; Xa Mat Landport, Bo Y Landport ; Cha Lo Landport.

Important things to get a visa to Vietnam by land

The visa was stamped at Moc Bai borderland in South Vietnam.

Now let us show you how to get a visa to Vietnam by land

* Requirement to get a visa:

  1. Original visa approval letter issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Department, it completely differences with Vietnam visa on arrival.
  2. Your original passport ( must be valid over 6 month period).
  3. Cash for stamping fees.
  4. 02 passport photos size – 4×6 cm with white background.

* Stamping fee for Visa on arrival at the borderland

– 1-month single entry: 25.00 USD/person

– 1-month multiple entries: 50.00 USD/person

– 3 months single entries: 25.00 USD/person

– 3 months multiple entries: 50.00 USD/person

– 6months multiple entries: 95.00 USD/person

– 1-year multiple entries: 135.00 USD/person

Cambodia visa fee is 35usd; Lao visa fee is 35usd, China visa normally require to get it in advance at their Embassy/Consulate unless you can get a free visa when entering the country.

Important things to get a visa to Vietnam by land:

– On the invitation letter must be specific the name of the border which you intend to get a new visa, the wrong name of the border won’t be accepted.

– Check about neighboring countries’ visa ( Cambodia visa, Laos visa, China visa) whether you can get it on arrival or you have to do it at their Embassy in advance.

– Try to get your visa by yourself, don’t give money to any stranger to help you at the borderland. In case you want to save your time and get a visa faster, negotiating directly with officers to solve the problem when you’re going there alone. If you there by bus with a big group, the guy on the bus will take care of that.

Calculate up the whole fees you have to pay to get a new visa and prepare cash with you, there is no ATM machine around.

Extra cash should be prepared in case of no ATM machine around. ( it takes around 5 – 10 minutes by bike to reach the nearest ATM machine at a supermarket which located in Vietnam zone).

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