Things should do when your Vietnam visa expired

There are many foreigners who are traveling or living but let Vietnam visa expired or could not extend it on time for some reason such as the fee to do visa extension is too high; lost their passport… On this page, we are going to give you some example and tips to do when you fall in one of these cases.

In case, you are going to leave the country but your visa is expired for 1 or 2 days, you could leave Vietnam and pay a fine fee at the airport check-in point. The fine fee is around 10 – 20usd per day. There is no exact number about a fine fee in this case, as sometimes Immigration officers let you go without any punishment. How about Vietnam visa extensiondon’t worry about the fine fee, most of the visa agencies do not ask for extra money for the fine fee when you overstay in Vietnam for few days.

Could you leave Vietnam when your current Visa already expired over three days? In many cases, the Immigration officers at check-in point won’t let you leave Vietnam, they will ask you go back to do the exit visa and pay for fine fee first, you might have to change or cancel your flight itinerary. So in this case, you should immediately contact with local visa agency to do Vietnam exit visa and pay the expire fee. 

Vietnam visa expired

What should you do when your Vietnam visa is expired?

Should you contact directly with Immigration department to solve out the fine by yourself when you Vietnam visa expired?

Follow the Immigration law in Vietnam, when you let your Vietnam visa expired, occasionally, you name will be put on the block list and limit your entry on next time. Also, it takes from 5 – 7 working days to solve the problem by yourself.

Another thing is depending on your previous entry ports, local Immigrate officer will refuse to extend your visa if you did check in from other ports which are not controlled by local Government. For example, you came to Vietnam and check-in in Noi Bai airport ( Ha Noi capital), so you can not apply to do visa extension by your self at another Immigration office.

We really recommend you come to work with a visa agency when your Vietnam visa expired.

Normally, a visa agency or company will sponsor and help you pay the fine without any trouble on your arrival next time.

As a local agent with a long time experience and good knowledge in this area, we can assist you to do an exit visa or help you extend Vietnam visa. It depends on the number of days you overstay in Vietnam and of course, the longer you overstay in Vietnam, the more complicated the procedure is. It takes only a few working days for us to do a visa for you.

If you want to know about the fee, please send us a scan of your passport and the page which containing your current Vietnam visa, previous entry stamp to our email:, we will check and let you know the fee. Or kindly provides us with the information below:

– Your nationality.

– Your type of visa in Vietnam: business; tourism, visiting relatives, electronic visa(E-visa)…and it was issued for how long (1 month, 3 months or more than 3 months)

Your last entry day and at which border: Ho Chi Minh airport, Ha Noi airport, Da Nang airport, Nha Trang airport, Phu Quoc airport or borderland…

– Let us know exactly how many days you have been overstay.

We will check and give you the best advice on your case.

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