Temporary residence card for foreign investors is granted for foreigners who come to Vietnam with a business purpose but only when you apply and be received a business license; investing license; permits the establishment of enterprises…then you can submit to Immigration Department in Vietnam to do temporary residence card(TRC). This card will be issued with type DT, it brings such a benefit for foreigners especially for who want to stay in Viet Nam for a long time, it also is known as a long-term visa.

The validity of temporary residence card for foreign investors:

–        The duration of a TRC is 30 days shorter than the duration of its passport.

–        The duration for a TRC category DT is granted to foreigners shall not exceed 5 years.

–        TRC will not be issued for a person who has their passport validity less than one year.

Temporary residence card for foreign investors

Temporary residence card type of DT for a foreign.

Dossier to apply for a temporary residence card for foreign investors:

–        Notarized copy of the investment licenses; business license; permits the establishment of enterprises…

–        Original of passport with a valid visa.

–        Form Na6: guaranty and sponsor form for a foreign applicant to apply for a Temporary Resident Card.

–        Form Na8: information form for a foreign applicant, include personal detail, current Viet Nam visa detail and request to apply for a temporary resident card.

  • Proof of temporary residence registration by ward police.
  • 01 duly copy of a certificate of a legal seal (the remain effective date at least 06 months)
  • 02 photos( image size 2×3 cm); not wearing glasses, looking straight, white background (Photos is taken not over 6 months)

Processing time: 5 – 7 business days. For urgent case, extra fee will be added.

How much does a temporary residence card Vietnam cost? 

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