Temporary residence card for foreign students is issued for foreigners who come to Vietnam to participate in an internship or to study. This temporary residence cards(TRC) will be issued with type DH, itbrings such a benefit for foreigners especially for who want to stay in Viet Nam for a long time, it also is known as a long-term visa. This ty

The validity of temporary residence card for foreign students:

–        The duration of a TRC is 30 days shorter than the duration of its passport.

–        The duration for a TRC category DH is granted to foreigners shall not exceed 05 years.

–        TRC will not be issued for a person who has their passport validity less than one year.

Temporary residence card for foreign students

Temporary residence card type of DH for a foreign.

Dossier to apply for a temporary residence card for foreign students:

–        Notarized copy of the business license; permits the establishment of school/university…

–        Invitation/offer letter from the school/university.

–        Visa requirements for an applicant need to be a type of DH.

–        Original of passport with a valid visa.

–        Form Na6: guaranty and sponsor form for a foreign applicant to apply for a Temporary Resident Card.

–        Form Na8: information form for a foreign applicant, include personal detail, current Viet Nam visa detail and request to apply for a temporary resident card.

  • Proof of temporary residence registration by ward police.
  • 02 photos( image size 2×3 cm); not wearing glasses, looking straight, white background (photos is taken not over 6 months).

Processing time: 5 – 7 business days. For urgent case, extra fee will be added.

How much does a temporary residence card Vietnam cost? 

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