Vietnam business visa – How easy to obtain it?

Vietnam business visa, which is categorized as visa NN1, NN2, NN3, DN, LV or DT, is granted to those who enter Vietnam for business purposes. A business visa can be valid up to 6 months, 1 year for single or multiple entries. Furthermore, foreign travelers can apply TRC valid form 2 year – 5 years in order to do business legally or want to stay in Vietnam for a long time. Except the travelers coming from the Vietnam visa exemption list, the rest are required a visa to Vietnam for any purposes. How to obtain the Vietnam business visa? 

I.  Apply for the business visa at the Vietnam Embassy abroad:

In order to apply for the Vietnam business visa at the Embassy, the travelers must provide the documents as follows:

1. Original valid passport: The passport must be valid for over 06 months according to requirements of airlines with at least 02 blank pages. If there is no blank page on the passport, a loose-leaf visa will be issued.

2. Application form: download this form from the Vietnam Embassy’s website or get it directly at their offices. The application form must be filled with the required information, signed and attached with 02 recent passport photos sized 2×3 white background.

3. Sponsorship documents: These documents are provided between companies or organizations. It includes:

  • Application introduction letter, indicate the applicant’s employment status and position held in the current company.
  • Specify the type of business to be conducted while in Vietnam.
  • Clarify who will be financially responsible for the applicant during their trip in Vietnam.
  • Providing complete contact information between companies or individual to be visited in Vietnam.

4. Approval Letter of entry: a business partner in Vietnam will support you obtain this type of letter. You have to provide them full of your passport details, type of visa ( single or multiple entries) with a period of time you want to stay in Vietnam, proposed date of entry and location of the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate you wish to collect the visa from. 

  • Processing time: From 5 – 7 working days.

5. Visa fee: The visa fee is various from Embassy to Embassy. Also, it still depends on the length of stay, type of visa and number of entry.

II. Apply for the Vietnam business visa on arrival

There is an alternative way to obtain a business visa to Vietnam besides the traditional way of obtaining a visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulates abroad with much cheaper, simple process and even faster.

What do you need when you apply for the Vietnam business visa online?

 Travelers don’t have to provide any sponsorship documents and the original passport in order to get this type of visa. you just need to fill out the application form online and receive a visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department via email after 3 – 4 working days (normal service) or 1 – 2 working days (urgent service).

Vietnam business visa on arrival airport is legitimate as it is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. What you get when you apply for a visa online is not only less stressed process but also a straightforward way to obtain a Vietnam business visa. It really brings such benefits for the businessman those are busy with their work schedule and having no free time to chase down the embassy procedures. The Vietnam business visa on arrival has same validity with the visa stamp that applicant obtains from the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulates abroad.

What do you need for the business visa on arrival application?

  • Applicant’s passport details and an internet connected computer or smartphone to apply visa online.
  • After receiving the result, you need to prepare: 2 recent passport photos size 4×6 ( white background).

–  The entry and exit form which should be filled in advance to save your time on check-in procedure on arrival airport.

Cash for stamping fee 25 USD (1 month to 3 months single entry visa); 50 USD (1 month to 3 months multiple entry visa); 95 USD (less than 6 months multiple entry visa) and 135 USD (1-year multiple entry visa)

At the immigration counter of arrival airport, kindly submit your original passport, business visa approval letter, entry and exit form (NA1 form) attached with 02 passport-sized photos and stamping fee to officers. They will check and put visa stamp into your passport.


  • The visa approval letter must be printed before getting on the plane at departure ports. Normally, there is a printing shop at departure airport where you can print out the letter before checking in. And it will be used again on arrival airport.
  • If you forgot to prepare with passport photos, you can have it taken at arrival airport and pay a little service fee.
  • Vietnam visa on arrival is available for air entry only. You can not use this type of visa on arrival borderland. Travelers who come to Vietnam by land need to apply for another type of visa.
  • Immigration Department and their agencies close on the weekend and Vietnam public holiday. Therefore, your application will not be solved during this time. Travelers who need a visa to Vietnam on this period need to apply for tourist visa with Emergency service.

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